The “Push Pull Legs” PPL Workout Routine


The Push Pull Legs Routine (PPL) is one of the most effective workout routines you can use to build muscle and gain strength. The push pull legs workout split is focused on the major muscle groups based around these movements. This article is on the basic PPL workout to get you started.  We will add more focused PPL for Hypertrophy, Endurance and Strength and Powerlifting.

Regardless if you are experienced or just starting your road to fitness, we are going to give you the know how to build and plan your best 3-day or 6-day workout split for adding muscle and building strength.

The most effective mass and strength building routines revolve around well-established splits that use barbell exercises, including the best compound movements (squats, bench press, etc.), along with effective isolation movements (bicep curls, etc.). And yes, along with a great diet and cardio to control extra calories. But if you eat clean and control your calories, you’ll need a bit less cardio.

The 6-Day PPL is not easy and you’ll need some time to adjust to the increase in work (and likely more calories). This split is a perfect solution for those who have the time and energy to achieve what you can get from a PPL routine. If you have been doing a 4-day split, you can move to the PPL, or try a 5-Day Workout Split or another 5 day routine such as the PHAT Workout Routine.


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